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Friday, 22 May 2015
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Cyprus Car Parts

Cyprus Car Parts is a portal developed for people interested in maintaining and/or customizing their cars. Regardless whether your car is in the best or worst condition, Cyprus Car Parts can help you find auto specialists to provide you with the car parts your automobile needs. With experience in the automotive field, auto engineering, etc., let our specialists give your car the proper care taking that it needs. Whether you are in need of a new carburetor, a timing belt replacement, or a simple battery change, we have plenty of Cyprus Car Parts choices to offer you. Browse other CyprusNet.com portals such as Cyprus Cars, Cyprus Car Accessories, Cyprus Bikes, Cyprus Rent A Car, Cyprus-Maps, and numerous other portals dedicated to helping you make the most of your Cyprus experience. Take care of your car as much as it takes care of you; Cyprus Car Parts can help!

Visit CYPRUSNeT, the Vertical Network Directory of more than 200 Cyprus Portals.

Petrou Takis & Sons Ltd
Larnaca Tel: 22533866 Fax: 22532792
Mike Automobile Stores & Co Ltd
Limassol Tel: 25561715, 25561744
A Psaltis & Sons Ltd
Larnaca Tel: 24666777 Fax: 24666778
Limassol Tel: 25877766 Fax: 25571723
Nicosia Tel: 22444800 Fax: 22526088
Nicosia Tel: 22877777, 22466786 Fax: 22438072, 22582700
Nicosia Tel: 22325400 Fax: 22325454
Mandis Georgios Ltd
Larnaca Tel: 24721444 Fax: 24726543
Unicars Ltd
Larnaca Tel: 24533777 Fax: 24533788
Larnaca Tel: 24811033 Fax: 24533404
Limassol Tel: 25877266
Limassol Tel: 25578686 Fax: 25578688
Limassol Tel: 25567577 Fax: 25567572
Limassol Tel: 25819799 Fax: 25560602
Limassol Tel: 25827300 Fax: 25569963
Nicosia Tel: 22333321 Fax: 22341136
Nicosia Tel: 22366366
Nicosia Tel: 22366564, 22366566 Fax: 22494545
Paphos Tel: 26954626, 26923694 Fax: 26923695
Paphos Tel: 26911010
Paphos Tel: 26967444 Fax: 26913005
Racing Zone
Nicosia Tel: 22518470, 22518471 Fax: 22518472
Hadjimatheou Vasos
Larnaca Tel: 24655024 Fax: 24658782
Georgiou Giannakis & Son Ltd
Larnaca Tel: 24360111, 24361520 Fax: 24367606
Astro Automobile Parts Enterprises Ltd
Limassol Tel: 25578707
Safetyplus Ltd
Nicosia Tel: 22730993
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Chr. Kapodistrias
GCV Spare Parts & Services Ltd
Kyros Auto Services
A. Psaltis & Sons Ltd
Cyprus Developers
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